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The largest Greek island, Crete is a feast for the senses: wild natural beauty and thousands of years of culture, history and exquisite cuisine. Crete captivates and seduces the senses with its impressive and majestic landscape, open-hearted and vivacious spirit, rich history, world-famous food and hospitable people. On Crete you’ll find some of the most significant archaeological sites in the world, such as the Minoan palace of Knossos, Phaistos, Malia and Kato Zakros. You’ll also visit important monasteries, some built in the 15th century and even earlier: Preveli monastery in southern Rethymno, the monasteries in southern Heraklion and the historic Arkadi and Toplous monasteries. You’ll be transported to another time walking through the castles of the region, erected by Venetians and Byzantines.


Rethymno, the only well-preserved Renaissance city in Greece, is famous for literature and Αrts. The story is recorded in the book of world-famous writer Pantelis Prevelakis "The Story of a City", which was copied by the famous writer Ernest Hemingway. The area of Rethymnon is inhabited since the time of Minoans. The city flourished during the Venetian government and today we can see in the old town the "PALAZZO" and the palaces of the era. Rethymno is a place of contrasts, with great history, natural beauty and with living traditions. The small Mediterranean town with the Renaissance center, the fortress, the museums and the beaches will charm you. What to visit first? The picturesque villages, the areas of natural beauty, the caves, the beaches or the mountains? People will become your friends, will treat you “ raki”, will invite you in their homes.


A buzzing seaside city bridging the gap between yesterday and today, Heraklion has a plethora of holiday experiences to offer. Heraklion is a multifaceted seaside city and a major urban centre. Come and discover the many world-renowned attractions it has to offer. The Heraklion of yesterday: the Venetian harbour and walls, ideal for a nostalgic walk through history and the vibrant city of today: city squares and pedestrian walkways filled with a youthful energy, raki (the local drink), ouzo, gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels. Along with these, a number of excellent museums and one of the largest aquariums in Europe. Just beyond the city limits, explore the vaunted Knossos, the most important centre of the Minoan civilization, the palace of King Minos and the myth of the Minotaur.


From the old town to exotic Balo beach and the famous Samaria Gorge, you'll be treated to raki and unforgettable adventures. Chania will steal your heart. Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Venetians, Ottomans all came through here, creating a multicultural corner of Crete. Wandering around the port, you’ll encounter the Venetian lighthouse, the Grand Arsenal, Kum Kapi and Halepa. You’ll enjoy luxurious accommodation in elegant villas, pulsating bars and restaurants, as well as significant cultural sites. Beyond the town of Akrotiri are the famous beaches of Agia Marina, Stalos and Platanias. Go a little further and you’ll find the exotic beaches of Balos and Falasarna. In southern Chania, the world-famous Samaria Gorge invites you to explore it.

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